Elevator: Chickens, Eggs, Roles, Shortlists and Nudges
Hey! Paul here from Elevator. It's been a while, hasn't it?

We've been quietly collaborating with the initial users of Elevator to improve our core offering. We've got a classic "chicken and egg" conundrum on our hands: how do we get companies to pay professionals to connect, if there aren't many professionals - and on the flip side, why would professionals use Elevator if there aren't many companies looking to connect?

Our design gurus Olivia and Christian are solving this from the inside out - we're focusing on giving companies a really nice experience when joining Elevator and forming their first connection set. If companies love it and the connection process is seamless, then engagement from the professional side will surely follow..

.. right?

Welllll, kinda. As Elevator's the first service of it's kind, it's a bit of an unknown, so we're trying a few different things. We have the collective ability across the 5 of us to build the product as the market reacts to it, so with that in mind, here's the latest set of features you might be interested in!

New Feature: Roles Dashboard

Say you're an small accountancy firm with 3 accountants, an office manager, and an admin assistant. You can future-proof your company by setting up each role you have, and Elevator will create a pipeline of professionals, and a mini-dashboard for each role.

This means that you can pre-connect with suitable professionals in your field, and should something happen in the future or you expand as a company, you have a pool of perfectly qualified, personally vetted professionals that you can invite for a coffee to speak about opportunities.

Instead of the five-to-ten unknowns you might get from a recruiter, or the fifty-to-hundred unknowns you might get from S**K, your professional pool is of the quality you need for your company. Pretty good, right?

New Feature: Nudges and Retractions

As we grow, we're finding that professionals might not see (or action) a connection request. This leaves money on the table for the professional, and the company ends up feeling a bit lonely. So we've implemented a "nudge" system.

Simo from Elevator runs an agency called Straight Out Digital here in Melbourne, and he uses Elevator exclusively to connect with professionals. A few connections were going unheard, so giving them a light nudge helped them on their way, and got some well-deserved connection money to professionals.

Won't nudges become annoying? We're only allowing one nudge every 3 days for any connection request. If the request is rejected or accepted, the company may not nudge any further. From there, the company can choose to retract their connection request - the professional doesn't get paid their connection price, and life goes on.

New Feature: Shortlists improvements

We've put a few great improvements in play in the shortlist section, like favourites, custom ordering and filtering options for bigger shortlists, and the option to implement a landing page for a role. There are many new ideas in the backlog for these features, so watch this space!

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Keep on Elevatin' - Paul G

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