Freelancer / Contractor? We Got Your Back!
Elevator profiles now cover freelancers, contractors and part time people.

First off, check out our brand spanking new home page! What do you think? We're hoping it gets our message across a little better and shows you how Elevator can be of service.

Updated Profile Settings

We got to speaking with a few business owners who have transient / freelance / contractor staff, and it was pointed out to us that Elevator didn't allow for those types of profiles. Ooopsie. So, we quickly got to putting it in play.

Elevator new profile UI

If you're a freelancer / contractor and want to hear from companies with these type of opportunities, we got your back!

Check out how profiles are searched

Our free search tool enables anyone to search for Elevator profiles like yours, quickly connect, and pay you for the privilege.

Take a look at how your profile might look using Elevator. What's your profile price?

Stay safe and healthy - Simon & Paul.

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