How Elevator Might Help In Uncertain Times
Elevator is here to help.

These are crazy times. I wrote a LinkedIn post about what my partner, Claire, is seeing at her company - a lot of her clients are standing staff down, moving them to part time, or letting them go altogether. There's a bit of a blood bath going on out there in the workplace, and times are uncertain.

The mission of industry leaders such as Geoffrey Mann, an RMIT lecturer & tech startup founder, to drive the economy forward through these shutdowns is one we identify heavily with. Within a recent article in "The Shift", a publication that chronicles business and tech transforming the future economy, Geoffrey says:

"There's [..] a lot of people isolated and anything that can help them with employment and kind of getting their normal lives back to normal is really important."

- Geoffrey Mann, "Startups front-up to COVID" - The Shift

Improving your income

When all of this blows over, companies are going to be looking to connect with professionals like you, and their cashflow will mean they won't want to pay thousands of dollars to recruiters - they'd rather pay you. Elevator might help improve your income over the coming months. Get your profile ready and set your price, and be at the top of the list when they're searching for people like you.

Tell everyone - use your referral URL

We really feel that the time is becoming right for people to gain real benefits from using Elevator. Elevator is 100% free for professionals to use, connections are actually meaningful and worth money, and the system exists to improve the lives of everyone who uses it. If you already have an account, use your referral URL to tell people about the platform - share that URL.

We really want to have people use Elevator to improve their circumstances, and we'd love it if you could help us do this.

Simon and Paul are working from home for the next while..!

Stay safe and healthy - Simon & Paul.

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