New & Improved: Better Profile Photo Management
You can now manage your profile photo in your Elevator profile. Check it out!

A few of the Elevator network mentioned that profile photos are a little lacking on Elevator - we were using Gravatar to pull in the profile photo based on users' email addresses.

It turns out Gravatar's not great for recent profile photos, so we added in a way to manage your profile photo in Elevator (thanks Miranda and Charbel for requesting it!)

How to update your profile photo in Elevator

To change your profile photo, head to My Profile > Your Personal Details and update your profile photo in there.

Your photo is only shown to companies you have accepted connections from, and nobody else. We're big on privacy as you know, and only want your profile to go to people you allow.

Upcoming features to look forward to

We'll be improving how your profile is displayed to companies once you accept their connection requests. High on our list is CV / portfolio reference. We don't want Elevator to become another LinkedIn, so we're working on smart ways for your portfolio and work history to be shared with the companies you connect with.

Do you have an idea for an Elevator feature? Drop us a line!

1600 years of experience added to Elevator in June

1600 YEARS?

It's been a really busy month on the platform, with 1,600 years of skills & experience being added to the platform. Your skill set is how companies search for you, so be sure to keep yours up to date!

Would your workplace use Elevator?

We're inviting "good" companies to take part in Elevator, where they pay professionals to connect and reduce their recruitment costs by a huge amount. If you're working at the moment and think your workplace might use the system (and they are good people), then let us know.

Tell some people about Elevator - what's your profile price?

Stay safe and healthy - Simon, Paul & the team.

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