Set Up An Elevator Profile That Stands Out

Hey, it's Simon from Elevator here. There's been a bit of confusion from people about the benefits of using Elevator, both as a professional and as a company. So here's a few tips on setting up an Elevator profile that stands out.

Whilst setting up your profile is super easy and quick, there are a few steps which we suggest you complete to make sure your Elevator pitch is a winning pitch.

To do that it might help to see what a company sees when they are searching for employees. Companies have two ways of searching through keywords or skills.

Keyword Search

Companies are presented with a search box that allows them to type in any keyword they want. Our platform will search through all profiles to see if that keyword has been used in either skills, profile title or profile description. This is a fairly broad way for companies to search but we're finding companies are using this.

Once a search has been completed the results are displayed like the below:

Example of some Elevator search results.
Skills Search

The most common way companies are searching our platform is through the skills search builder feature. Companies enter skills and years of experience required. This allows them to really drill down based on what they need. The search works in real time and presents a list of professionals based on both skills and years of experience. Think of this as a filter for companies to find professionals with the exact skillset they're looking for.

It's important to note companies can also further filter by salary, and whether the professional is looking a role, or would move for the right offer. The builder looks a little like this:

Example of the Elevator search builder.
Tips for a great Elevator pitch

Tip #1: Skills

  • It's incredibly important you list all of your skills.
  • Even if you don't believe they are impressive, put them all in! You never know what a company is looking for.
  • Plenty of companies are looking for juniors, so first time workers should not be disheartened when filling out your Elevator pitch.
  • Obviously these skills should only be ones relating to work, hobbies are not needed.

Tip #2: Profile Title

  • Keep your profile title short, sharp and to the point
  • Our advice is to put in your current / intended job title, and where you are roughly based, and possibly your status.
  • Examples:
    Social Media Manager in Melbourne
    Senior Website Developer in Frankston, would move for the right money.
    Junior looking for a start in PR based in Manly, Sydney.

Tip #3: Profile Description

  • This is truly your Elevator pitch.
  • Don't copy and paste out of LinkedIn, give yourself the best chance to be seen and heard.
  • If we can google you, then companies will too, and not pay to connect with you.
  • Our recommendation here is you put down a little more about yourself, your skills, why you would be an asset to any team.
  • Toot your own horn. You're worth it.
  • Lastly, never put identifiable details in your Elevator pitch! Companies won't pay you for your professional profile if they already know who you are.
Bonus Tip: Remember, to set your salary expectations. Companies have the ability to search on salary and all companies have a wage budget, so to not waste anyone's time, put what you are worth in the salary field.

What do you think of these tips? We hope they help you setting up your profile! Get started with Elevator now

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