Elevator - so how does it work?

We're finding that Elevator takes a small bit of explaining, so we've made a little video - click the image below if you'd like to see it (no audio necessary if you're on public transport!):

Professional users

For professional users like you and I, Elevator exists to make our professional lives easier, and we can make some income in the process.

Once the waiting list is open, you create a profile, enter your skills and experience, set your connection price, and set a short intro among a couple of other things like your expected salary. You'll then set your profile to searchable. Did we mention your profile is anonymous? Nobody knows it's you. Not even us.


Companies use our amazing search experience to find anonymous profiles that they wish to connect with.

Say a company user wants to have a chat about an opportunity. They request, and if you accept, they pay your connection price to connect with you. That's it! Your profile becomes de-anonymised to them, and Elevator steps away for you two to connect (if you so wish - you're under no obligation to do this).

What's the benefit?

There's benefits to Elevator on both sides:

  • Professionals get paid to connect with companies
  • Companies don't need to spend loads to connect with great people.
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