We've Updated Your Profile Page..
Looking better every day!

We've done a huge amount of work in updating the design of your live profile pages, to make your profile really attractive to companies searching for professionals.

After companies use the free Elevator search tool to find professionals like you, they are then brought to your profile page to see a bit more info. Tap on the above image to check out a real, live profile.

Here's what searchers see before visiting your profile:

Get your profile up to scratch so that your pre-connection details look really good.

Good things are coming.

As the first users of Elevator, we know that the connections haven't been coming thick & fast. It's like the chicken & the egg: how do we attract connections with a small profile pool? We're working hard on it.

  • We're attracting new companies to Elevator daily
  • We're building systems where your profile is auto-promoted to companies who match
  • This will mean better visibility, and potential connections for you.

Do you have an idea for an Elevator feature? Drop us a line!

Know a business that might use Elevator?

Times are certainly tough right now. If you know of any companies who might use Elevator to save money in building their network (while raising the income of professionals), let them know about us. Share this link with them if you think it might benefit:

Alternatively, try a search using the free Elevator search tool. Tell some people about Elevator - what's your profile price?

Stay safe and healthy - Simon, Paul & the team.

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