Profile Updates and Search Visibility Improvements
We're working to make your profile look *really* good.

We've been pretty quiet during the lockdown here at Elevator, but behind the scenes our design artisans (hi Olivia and Christian!) have been coming up with some solid gold. We think you'll like what you see.

Updated Profile UI

We've taken a feather duster to how profiles look on Elevator, and overhauled the profile management page. Take a look:

Elevator new profile UI

The updated profile management interface allow for easy, quick updates to your profile, while capturing all the details necessary for you to stand out in front of companies searching for people like you. Check out the new profile admin UI now!

Beautiful Profile Search Results

When companies search for people like you, the results list has been improved:

Checking out your profile and connecting has become really simple, which is great! We're expecting that the number of searches on Elevator will rise sharply. We've made a public search tool also, which we'll talk about in another post pointed at companies - check out how companies search for profiles like yours .

Search Visibility Improvements

The free search tool we've recently built enable anyone to search for Elevator profiles like yours, quickly connect, and pay you for the privilege. We've also developed using search results in special industry-centric landing pages. For example, here's one we put together for PHP programmers.

This means that your profile will show up in front of a LOT more eyes.

Get started right now

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Stay safe and healthy - Simon & Paul.

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