We’ve Been Quiet, But For Good Reason..
Hey, it's Simon here. We have been set to airplane mode for a couple of months as we make some exciting updates to our platform.

After chatting with many company owners and HR specialists we realised we needed to make a few tweaks to make the company experience better. For complete transparency here is the feedback many companies gave us.

“Awesome product, and we will use this service, but we want to be more confident in the professionals we are blindly paying to connect with.”

Elevator Company Users

We took this as companies want a platform that gives them more assurance that paying for a connection will be worth it. This meant we needed to give more back to the company when search results appear.

Current search results look like this;

How search results look

To solve that concern, here's what we are implementing right now, and once completed we are set for a big 2021 as we continue to build up our professional pool of talent and onboard many more companies looking to connect with professionals.

Upcoming: Improved onboarding & dashboard experience

We're updating the onboarding experience so that company users and professionals can get set up and running in under two minutes. This leads on to a suh-weet dashboard, where you can see all of the latest action on your Elevator account.

Updated onboarding for company users

What's the benefit? We were finding that people were getting a little "lost" once signing up for the first time, so this experience will improve that in a huge way.

Upcoming: A brand new role-centric search system

Initially, Elevator was "search for a professional, connect with them, and start talking about opportunities", which works fine - we're not changing this - however we needed to find a way where companies can segment the Elevator system based on roles within their company, and refer back to it when they need to chat to a professional.

Say your company has an admin person, and a designer. You create these roles in your dashboard, then Elevator auto-populates the professional list for you. Then, when you need to chat to someone about opportunities, you have a ready-made pool of professionals to connect with!

A sweet new interface for managing how companies interact with professionals.
Don't tell Olivia we're showing off design previews, she'll kill us!

The benefit here is that professionals will see more meaningful connections from more companies that wish to chat, and companies get to "future proof" themselves in creating a pool of professionals, based on skills and roles.

Why would this new system benefit me, a professional?

Shortlists give companies the power to "collect" similar profiles before connecting with them. From my example above, if I had $500 to spend on connecting with prospective hires, I'd collect 10-20 great profiles, and go ahead and connect with them all to open up conversations about opportunities.

As a professional, this brings your profile front-and-centre for companies interested in your skills. We don't have much data on it yet, but we believe companies will be more likely to connect with shortlisted profiles. Watch this space!

Upcoming: Professional Reviews

We know that social proof is a big deal and not going anywhere. We are very keen to allow signed up companies the ability to review professionals (and vice versa of course). This can be professionals they have worked with in the past, or have just connected with. Companies can only leave reviews if a professional invites them to leave a review or if they have paid and connected with them.

This will give even more confidence to companies to use our platform, and also give confidence to you as a professional, that your talents will not be overlooked.

Is yours a company that might use Elevator?

We're inviting small-to-medium companies who are interested in saving money as well as benefiting the professionals they connect with, to join Elevator. Create your company account here:

Alternatively, try a search using the free Elevator search tool. Tell some people about Elevator - what's your profile price?

Stay safe and healthy - Simon & the team @ Elevator.

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