Why did we build Elevator? (Paul's view)

I've been a developer for a long time - I'm embarrassed to say over 20 years - and I've seen my fair share of interactions with companies looking to connect / chat about opportunities. Companies spend A LOT on connecting with people, and I've spent a fair amount of money taking time out to travel and speak with them.

More often than not, the connection presented by the recruiter wasn't right. It ended up being annoying, and I almost expected new connections to fail as a result. Actually - it was VERY annoying.

This got me thinking - with recruiters and LinkedIn benefiting from being the middlemen, is there not a way where I can monetise my own connection?

With the advent of improved payment technologies, general connectivity and the gig economy itself, why can't we close the loop entirely? Companies paying people directly to connect with them. It sounds so simple, but nobody is doing it. Weird. So, I spent some time (around six months) quietly asking people to kill the idea of Elevator. Nobody could - and here we are!

Can you think of a reason why Elevator wouldn't work? I'd love to hear from you.

Remember, to make this change we need people to sign up, please be sure to share this with anyone that you know who might be interested - if they work in digital / tech, we'd love to hear from them.

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