Why did we build Elevator? (Simo's view)

I just wanted to write a small piece explaining what Elevator means to me, and why we're building it.

I run a digital agency and was fed up with recruiters not listening to what I want and sending me rubbish candidate through that didn't have the skillset I needed.

I wanted to create this platform so companies can quickly find the right candidates with the right skill set in a matter of minutes. Where you as employees get the ability to grow your career and be presented with opportunities that you may never see.

Whether you are looking for work or not, you don't need a recruiter. If you have an account on Elevator this will be your recruiter. The best part is you will not be hassled or annoyed, you will only be presented with opportunities of which you can simply and anonymously say yes or no.

We think this will revolutionise the way the job industry works and change it for the better.

Remember, to make this change we need people to sign up, please be sure to share this with anyone that you know who might be interested - if they work in digital / tech, we'd love to hear from them.

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