Reduce your recruitment costs by up to 100 times
Save money: up to 100 times less than recruiter fees
Unbiased: Search on what people know, not what they look like
No job posting required, connect straight away.
The problem with using recruiters.
A video showing how Elevator can benefit your company's recruitment processes.
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How does Elevator work?
Search for the skills you need
Use our unbiased tool to search based on skills, years experience and salary expectations to find candidates looking for opportunities.
You're presented with unbiased results.
A list of anonymous candidates that meet your needs are revealed. You are able to read each title and 'Elevator Pitch', and their connection price.
If the profile looks good, connect.
The professional will receive a notification from your company letting them know you want to pay to connect with them. The professional has the power to accept or reject the offer.
If the connection is approved, you will receive the professional’s full profile.
The professional's contact details are revealed. This makes the connection more meaningful and your conversation will be expected and received well (no more cold calls or emails).
Contact the professional to discuss opportunities.
This happens out of the platform and in your own world. We have found that when professionals have been paid for a connection, they are more receptive and responsive.
Why sign up to Elevator?
No more recruiter fees
Get instant candidates that are right for you
Save time and money
Allow your hiring to be unbiased
No more reviewing CVs that don’t match your brief
We’re the platform you have always wanted but never had
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