Get paid for companies to access your professional profile
Unbiased search based on your skills
Own 100% of your data and profile
Get paid by companies for access to your profile
How recruiters make money off you.
Simon explains a couple of the reasons why we built Elevator.
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How does Elevator work?
Create a profile highlighting your skillset
Set your current skills and years of experience, salary expectations, and the type of work you're available for. Set your title and give us your "Elevator pitch" intro, and you're good to go.
Companies are presented with a list of anonymous profiles that highlight the skills they’re looking for.
The most suitable profiles rise to the top, based on matched skills and experience. This is where your title and Elevator pitch shines!
If your profile matches, the company will request to connect with you.
You'll receive a notification asking if you'd like to connect. You have the control to accept or reject the company connection.
If you approve the connection, you get paid and your full profile with contact details is revealed to the company.
This makes the connection more meaningful and means no more cold calls, random messages. This connection is expected and accepted.
The company then gets in contact with you.
They might not get in touch straight away, but the connection is there. You can also get in touch with them - it's a two-way network.
Why sign up to Elevator?
Elevator is not a social media platform.
Companies cannot connect with you without your permission
Professionals make money from their own profile
Companies connect with professionals for up to 1/100th the price of using a recruiter.
Your contact details are hidden behind a paywall.
There are no ads on the Elevator platform.
“I love the concept of Elevator. For me, it’s about having a stake in my own data alongside companies. That’s a pretty big deal in this age of big data.”
- Charbel El-Khaissi, PhD Candidate, Linguistics.
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