New Features: Landing Pages And Shortlists
Enabling companies to connect with professionals faster.

First off, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our newly joined users! There's been a big uptick in people joining the platform, which is great. It's still relatively quiet, true, but we're working hard in onboarding as many companies as possible, to begin growing connections in a big way.

We've been chatting to a few companies across different industries, and the idea of "shortlists" came up - buckets of profiles that companies can save to connect with later.

How shortlists work

Say I'm a company looking for a Ruby developer. I pop in the following search, and get a couple of results. Nice! However, I want to save this search as a shortlist, so that I can add more profiles to it later.

Company user searches for a Ruby developer

Next, I click on "Create a shortlist based on this search":

Company user clicks on create shortlist button

Boom! I give the shortlist a name, and the shortlist is set up. Next time I'm viewing a professional profile, I'll use the "Add to shortlist" button, and my bucket of interesting profiles begins to fill up.

Why would shortlists benefit me?

Shortlists give companies the power to "collect" similar profiles before connecting with them. From my example above, if I had $500 to spend on connecting with prospective hires, I'd collect 10-20 great Ruby profiles, and go ahead and connect with them all to open up conversations about opportunities.

As a professional, this brings your profile front-and-centre for companies interested in your skills. We don't have much data on it yet, but we believe companies will be more likely to connect with shortlisted profiles. Watch this space!

Professionals: we're soon to implement notifications when your professional profile iss added to a shortlist, as well as the ability to remove yourself from shortlists you don't wish to be a part of.

Landing Pages

Role landing pages are extensions of shortlists. If a company has a shortlist role they're hiring for and they want to sing it from the rooftops, they pop in a little more information and the shortlist becomes a landing page!

Elevator professionals can express an interest in the role, using a one-click process. No more submitting CVs or filling out forms to get in front of hiring companies. All of the interested profiles get placed into the shortlist, and if the conditions are right, the company pays the interested professional to connect and continue the conversation. Here's a real, live role landing page for Be Fit Food on the Mornington Peninsula, who are looking for a full-time Digital Marketing Content Creator. Check it out:

If this looks like your bag, express your interest right now!

Is yours a company that might use Elevator?

We're inviting small-to-medium companies who are interested in saving money as well as benefiting the professionals they connect with, to join Elevator. Create your company account here:

Alternatively, try a search using the free Elevator search tool. Tell some people about Elevator - what's your profile price?

Good things are coming.

We're working hard on generating more paid connections for our professionals.

  • We're attracting new companies to Elevator daily
  • We're building systems where your profile is auto-promoted to companies who match
  • This will mean better visibility, and potential connections for you.

Get your Elevator profile up to scratch right now.

Stay safe and healthy - Simon, Paul & the team.

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